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Slayers is a tabletop RPG of mercenaries and monster hunters for hire. Known by locals as Slayers, players wander a haunted city, cursed long ago to expand towards the horizon forever. Slayers help clean out the monsters that infest the alleyways and shadows, and those that the city seems to be manifesting on its own. 


It's Slay or Be Slain

Slayers uses a simple 4+ system to create an action filled session that moves quickly. What sets Slayers apart from other RPGs is its emphasis on asymmetrical combat. Each class in the game uses completely different combat mechanics than the others, allowing the players to have an entirely unique experience at the table.

Blades move quickly across the battlefield to cut their foes down with hit after hit. Striking quickly, a Blade goes for the kill before their enemy even gets a chance to react. In Slayers, Blades use exploding dice to wrack up huge combos!

Gunslingers wield six-shooter revolvers, the only people in The City to do so. Each Gunslinger carves runes into their gun, crafting the perfect weapon. In Slayers, Gunslingers have to manage a small pool of bullets during the fight, deciding when to shoot and when to reload.

Arcanists wield deadly magic, but do so at an incredible cost. A corrupting influence has given them their power, and tolls them each time they use it. In Slayers, Arcanists use a push-your-luck mechanic to boost their spells for devastating effects, hoping the price isn't too high.

Tacticians may not be the deadliest warriors, but their minds are as sharp as any blade. They orchestrate the efforts of fellow Slayers, making sure they succeed while their enemies stumble. In Slayers, Tacticians use a pool of dice to swap out dice rolled by friend and foe alike.

Slayers takes place in The City, an urban sprawl that was cursed centuries ago to expand ever-toward the horizon. The City shifts its shape with each passing day. Inside, districts form unique microcosms of culture, architecture, opportunities, and monsters. 

Players will explore new districts as they take on jobs to hunt the dangerous monsters of The City.

You can find a list of 36 districts to inspire your next session here.


Check out the 1 page District Zines available to download for free! 

There is no shortage of monsters for the Slayers to hunt. Each monster has its own set of actions that it can take, giving it a distinct feeling and creating unique challenges for the players to overcome.

Bone Priest