Time to Get Paid


Recreate the thrill of modern day crime, where crews plan and execute big-time heists. But the best laid plans rarely work out the way you'd like. Work together to pull off the job before the heat gets too high, and you or your friends end up behind bars. Ready to make some money?


Score is an ENnie nominated rules-lite tabletop RPG designed for fast paced and high energy crime. All you need are a pile of six sided dice, some character sheets, and a desire to steal some cold, hard cash.

The printed zine is 36 pages, stapled, with B/W cover and interior. Includes all the rules you need to play, character sheets, and lots of tables to make your own heist.


Included in this 36 page game:​

  • Rules of play

  • 4 Criminals to choose from

  • Generators for a number of different kinds of heists

  • Advice for GMs on how to design and run a heist


You can find a copy of the character sheet here.

You can watch Spencer play Score with some of his friends to see the system in action! Spoiler alert, it gets a little goofy.

Spencer describes his design process for Score. From its inspiration, to how it changed with time!