Official Slayers Content

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Find all of the official releases for Slayers made by Spencer Campbell of Gila RPGs here!

Quick Start Rules

With the Slayers Quick Start Rules, you can start playing Slayers right now, for free!

These abbreviated rules have what you need to try the game out before you decide if monster hunting in an eternally expanding and haunted city is for you.

The Cove District

The Cove Itch.png

The Cove is an endless stretch of surf and beach, littered with the bones of everything that has died in The City. This is a 1 page district zine with locations, NPCs, and plot hooks to inspire your trip to this dreary "vacation" spot.

Character Sheets

The official character sheets for the Slayers core rule book, and a rules reference sheet. Classes included are:

  • Blade

  • Gunslinger

  • Arcanist

  • Tactician

"Doctor" Class

This is the first official class supplement for Slayers!


Normally "Doctors" are terrifying monsters that the Slayers have to hunt, or at least fight through, but this one is different...This monster wants to join the hunt.

Creator Kit

The Slayers Creator Kit is a free resource filled with guidelines, advice, and templates for creating your own content for Slayers, including classes, monsters, Hunts, and full-blown genre hacks!

In addition, you'll find templates you can use in multiple formats (Word, Affinity Publisher, and PDF). The templates use the official formatting of the book, but you'll also find printer friendly versions as well.

The Slayers RPG by Spencer Campbell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Feel free to create for, adapt, or hack the game however you'd like, and share your work with the world! If you do make something for Slayers, please reach out to me on Twitter @GilaRPGs.

3rd Party Content 

Check out the ever-growing collection of 

Slayers content created by our amazing community.