Everyone has their moment. 

Sometimes you gotta wait for it.


Time To Kill is a solo journaling RPG about a hitman waiting in a hotel lobby before it's time to do their job.


They've got time to kill, before it's time to kill.


Play in Time To Kill revolves around rolling a d6, drawing cards, and responding to prompts based on those cards. As you draw more cards, and record your thoughts, your emotions and instincts will shift. 


Every passing moment you wait in the lobby could bring you closer to Paranoia or Hesitancy. Or maybe you're seeing things clearly, and will do your job with Cold calculation.


When the Target card is drawn, your wait is over. Time to make a decision. Time To Kill.


Want to see examples of Time To Kill in action? You can read through the journals of some folks who have already played the game. SPOILER ALERT! If you don't want to see any of the prompts and go into the game fresh, don't read these until after you play!


Listen to Cat play out Time To Kill in a fantasy setting!

Revinant's Writeup

Time To Kill