The City sits at the nexus of the world. Once you're inside it, it is the world. Something drives the borders of The City ever-onward, crawling towards the horizon. Urban sprawl made real. Neighborhoods appear and disappear overnight, the city is filled to brim with no shortage of interesting characters, cultures...and monsters. That's where you come in, Slayer.


Slayers is a tabletop RPG of mercenaries and monster hunters for hire. Known by locals as Slayers, players wander a haunted city, cursed long ago to expand towards the horizon forever. Slayers help clean out the monsters that infest the alleyways and shadows, and those that the city seems to be manifesting on its own. 


It's slay or be slain. Better get to work, Slayer. 


Inside the book you'll get:

  • A beautiful 60 page, full color digest size (A5), hardcover book filled with monsters for you to hunt
  •  Complete rules for playing Slayers
  •  Asymmetrical combat mechanics for each class. No two players will do the same thing in combat, down to how they roll the dice!
  •  4 classes of monster hunter: Blade, Gunslinger, Arcanist, and Tactician
  • Setting information to start unraveling the mysteries of the haunted city, and how to make it your own
  • GM advice on running the game, dealing with asymmetry and balance, and creating Hunts for your players
  • Three full Hunts, and seven example districts with plot hooks to get your campaign started
  •  Over 30 monsters for your table to start hunting