*Rigged is currently sold out! I'd be happy to do another print run sometime in the future if there is demand. The digital version is always available!*


Rigged is a solo journaling RPG, made using the Wretched & Alone system by Chris Bissette and Matt Sanders. You play as a hacker who is up against the ropes, desperate to get out of a debt that threatens to swallow you whole if you don’t pull off a miracle. That miracle is extracting some files from the largest and most dangerous megacorp out there: Atlas. You have bleeding edge tech plugged right into your brain, and it can either lead you to some terrible but valuable data, or fry you alive. Best not to think too hard about it, because you’ve got collectors knocking on your door and they don’t ask twice. The game is rigged, it always has been, and you can’t help but play...


This is a 20 page full color zine, printed on A5 paper.