Beautifully handcrafted printed zine copy of the LUMEN SRD, printed and bound by the talented LF OSR.


LUMEN is an RPG system for action packed, power fantasy games. Inspired by some of my favorite video games and genres, I wanted to capture those exciting moments on the screen, and bring them to the table.

It started with my love of Destiny. But I love all sorts of "powerful character" genres. Looter shooters (Borderlands), hero shooters (Overwatch), dungeon crawlers (Diablo). I love to see the numbers GO UP.

With the LUMEN SRD, you can create your own game, Illuminated by LUMEN. Highlights of the system include:

  • Quick dice rolling
  • No skill lists. It's about how you approach a task, not what you're doing
  • Combat is fast, and characters feel powerful
  • Gameplay loop that keeps the players wanting to get back out there


You'll notice that this document is not a technical manual on building games! The tools are there, but they sit between my thoughts and advice on LUMEN games in general. The SRD gives you insights into what I think makes the system special, and how to lean into that.

LUMEN SRD Printed Zine