Slingers: Themes & Inspirations


Today I want to talk about the themes and inspirations behind Slingers.

Because you play as immortal gunslingers, players are going to need to grapple with their "humanity", or what is left of it. They are technically supposed to be the good guys, the heroes of this tale, but that's not always obvious to those they are there to help. When you have a sentient Gun strapped to your side, you're going to get some looks.

There are a number of inspirations for both the themes and mechanics of Slingers, so let's cover some of them:

1 - Destiny

I have sunk an embarrassing number of hours into the video game Destiny. Slingers takes place in a weird west setting, unlike the sci-fi setting of Destiny, but the premise of immortal guardians of the last settlements of humanity is a core principle of both games.

2 - Dogs in the Vineyard

Vincent Baker's alternate history RPG of the American frontier centers around Dogs, the drifting law force of the Mormon wild west. These Dogs arrive into towns, primarily to deliver the mail, but inevitably they need to root out a great evil within the population.

3 - Blades in the Dark

As a system, I am in love with how once you get a campaign of Blades going, the many moving pieces work together like a well-oiled machine. Each piece of the game informs another. The cycle of play between doing a score, and then downtime, and rinse and repeat is something I really want to capture. I've done so, I hope, with a variation on the Blades approach, which I am calling the Drifter System. More details on that in a future post.

Sure there are lots of shows, movies, and games that have informed my development of Slingers, but these are the three most important to highlight. As I post more information about the game in the coming weeks, keep these three in mind to see what Slingers was born from.

Next post: Musings on Mechanics.


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