Slingers: An Introduction

Howdy everyone,

Slayers released last week, and it has been really exciting to see the reception of it so far. I outlined some of the post-launch support for it in a recent post, and I'll be sharing more details on that stuff in the coming weeks.

But now, I want to tell you about my other big RPG project that I've been working on: Slingers.

(Yes I realize I have a track record of releasing games that are one word that start with S: Score, Slayers, Slingers).

In Slingers, you play as immortal gunslingers, drifting between settlements in a blasted wasteland beset by dangers both mundane and supernatural. Did I say immortal? Yes I did.

Slingers are immortal because of their capital-G Gun. It is sentient to a degree, has a history, has motives, and most importantly, has power it wants to give you. When you took up your Gun, you lost your humanity and became what you are today, what locals call Slingers. You can't die properly. When you hit the dirt, your Gun picks you back up, and takes a bit more of your humanity in return.

But you did get power out of the deal, and with it you can help some people while you can. The main gameplay loop of Slingers has the party rolling up into a settlement and helping them with their Big Problem. If this sounds like Dogs in the Vineyard, you caught a major inspiration for this game! Take down the support of the Big Problem, and you can take down the big bad as well.

Gameplay in Slingers will look familiar to those who have played Slayers, in that it uses the same Rule of 4+ to keep things moving along. Combat is a big part of Slingers, but it still runs quickly and with high energy.

Each player's character is made of two parts, each equally important to understanding them. First is their class, a sort of archetype that they embody now that they are a Slinger. Classes have abilities that let the players do incredible things. This is all held up by the other half, the Gun. Choosing your Gun during character creation is as important as your class, because it says a lot about you as a character, and also will determine how you approach combat.

I'm really excited over the coming weeks to reveal more information about Slingers, including classes, showing off some of the Guns, as well as talking about gameplay and how it all runs. In the meantime, what are some of your favorite westerns?


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