Slayers: The City

With the classes revealed, it's time to talk about the setting of Slayers. Slayers takes place in a cursed urban environment, called The City. The City lost its name long ago, and the name really has become unimportant because of what is happening to it.

It keeps getting bigger.

At some point in its history, The City was cursed in such a way that would continue to sprawl out, never ending. The walls and borders are ever-shifting. New districts in The City pop up overnight, suddenly made manifest and ready to be inhabited. There are some theories about what is happening:

  • The City is absorb towns from beyond its walls as it expands, and they form the new districts

  • The City creates districts either because it desire to, it feels it needs to, or because it can't help it

  • The City isn't cursed, but has always been like this. Someone or group is pulling the strings in its expansion

All of these are probably true to some extent, but as The City grew and new inhabitants started appearing, its name and history became less and less important, and more impossible to track.

The problem with a city that is ever-expanding is that it seems to be inviting or creating monsters that want to inhabit the numerous districts. That's where the Slayers come in. Your job is to patrol this city, taking on new jobs in new districts to keep the streets a little safer.

Mechanically, The City is divided into districts. Think of them as the neighborhoods of a major city. Each district is composed of important locations, notable NPCs, factions that are present, and rumors of Hunts for Slayers to pursue.

The core rulebook for Slayers will include one example district and one example Hunt in a different district, so you have a place to start. But because The City is ever-expanding, I wanted to create that sensation for each table. And so the first sourcebook that will be released for Slayers is The City sourcebook.

The City sourcebook will include loads of example districts with all of the features I mentioned, but also will give you rules for how to design The City for your table by representing it on a hexmap. No two groups playing Slayers will have the same layout for The City. As you pick districts to add, you will place them on an available border, and from there The City will spiderweb out in a unique pattern. Not only that, but The City sourcebook will includes lots more monsters for your Sayers to hunt.

For now, I want to leave The City open to you to interpret. Who do you think are important players and factions? What are some of the major districts that currently exist?

The release of Slayers is coming up soon, and then work on The City sourcebook will begin! I can't wait to get the game in your hands and see what you do with it.


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