Slayers: Post Release Previews

Slayers was released to the world yesterday, and it has been very exciting watching it take off.

It's already in the top 10 for physical games on itch which I still can't really believe happened.

While I'm definitely going to be celebrating, promoting, and also trying to relax after the release, I wanted to let you in on some of the plans in store for Slayers. That's right, there is a lot more I want to do with the game and setting; we've really only just begun.

1. New Class

I had created a fourth class for the original version of Slayers over a year ago, and scrapped it for the release because I wasn't really sure how to move forward with it. But I've been tinkering a little these last 24 hours, and think I might have cracked the case.

And so the first release will be a fourth class: The Tactician. The Tactician generates a pool of dice at the start of combat, and uses it to replace rolls from both friend and foe. Deciding when to act is the key to playing a good Tactician, and learning to read the battlefield and understand what you're up against is crucial, lest you waste all your dice only to be left with no backup plan. I'll have a detailed post on the Tactician in the near future as I get ready to release it.

The Tactician will be a completely free release and available to everyone who owns Slayers.

2. Class Variants

One thing that I would like to do is create at least one variant of each class. They will still use the same core mechanic (Blades always use exploding dice), but they might do so in a slightly different way. For example, a Blade variant could be someone wielding two small daggers. They get lots of combos from quick slices, but they don't deal a lot of damage per hit and instead try to kill their foes with death by a thousand cuts.

The Class variants will probably be a small supplement, an optional purchase to add even more asymmetry to your Slayers game.

3. The City Source Book

I'm reaaaally excited about this one. When I decided a while back that The City was this ever-expanding urban sprawl, I know I couldn't map it. But what would be interesting would be if every table mapped their own version. Enter The City source book.

This will be the first major supplement for Slayers, and will feature:

  • 8-10 existing districts to get your City started

  • A hexmap with rules on adding districts to the map

  • Rules for creating your own districts

  • History, lore, and factions of The City, to make it feel alive

  • Lots more monsters for you to hunt

The idea is that you will have your starting districts, and lay them on the hexmap in whatever pattern you want. And then regularly you will add districts, showing the expanse of The City and making yours unique to your group. No two Cities will be the same, and I think that will be really cool. I'd like to then support the source book by occasionally sending out districts I've designed for you to plop onto your map.

And that should give you a good idea of what is to come in the future for Slayers. I have a few other ideas brewing, but I would also love to hear what you all want to see added to the game! In the meantime, go slay a monster for me.


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