Slayers: Meet the Tactician

In a recent post I mapped out some of the releases I have planned now that Slayers has been released. Oh, did you know Slayers has been released? You can buy it here!

The first post-release support for Slayers is the fourth class for the game: The Tactician.

Every class in Slayers functions differently from the others, but the Tactician takes that idea to the next level. They have a new type of action they can take during a fight, unique to them, called a combat action. This lets them take something similar to a reaction at any time during the fight. The Tactician reads the battlefield, and reacts.

That is demonstrated with the Tactician's main ability: Strategy Pool. At the start of combat, the Tactician rolls a big pool of d6, and sets them aside. These represent different tactics and maneuvers that they can bring to the fight at just the right time. Tacticians do this by replacing any die that has been rolled, by friend or foe, with one of their Strategy Pool dice.

This can completely shape the way a fight pans out. Because these can be swapped out for any roll, Strategy dice can help your allies get more Hits, or make monsters Miss. Any roll is fair game for a replacement, but Strategy only lasts so long.

Dice from the Strategy Pool that have been spent are removed from the combat after use. This means it is a dwindling resource that the Tactician needs to be clever about using. They could spend them all at the start of the fight and help the Slayers get a big advantage, but then everyone is left to their own rolls from then on. Or you can wait until they are absolutely necessary, stealing away a nasty Hit from a monster, or guaranteeing an ally on the brink of death is stabilized.

The other unique rule for Tacticians is their Quick action, in which they give an order to a Near Slayer to take an immediate Move or Quick action for free.

Tacticians are great at fighting themselves, and only deal 1 damage if they Hit at all. They best serve the group by staying in the back, coordinating the fight and ensuring that their fellow Slayers always have an edge.

I am really excited to share this very different take on a Slayer with you all soon. In the meantime, who are some of your favorite strategic masterminds?


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