Slayers: Meet the Gunslinger

Reach for the sky, it's time for the second class reveal of Slayers: The Gunslinger.

If you don't know what I mean by Slayers, go read the primer real quick, then come back:

The City of Slayers is on the brink of industrial revolution. While some people have flintlock pistols and single shot rifles, the Gunslinger has a gun unlike any other of the time: the six shooter revolver.

The inspiration behind the Gunslinger thematically comes from watching westerns when I was younger, and then consuming a lot of weird west media as I grew up.

Mechanically, in combat the Gunslinger behaves very differently when compared to the combo-focused exploding dice of the Blade. At the start of combat, the Gunslinger lays down 6 d6 in a circle on their character sheet, representing the 6 bullets loaded in the gun. When they choose to attack, the Gunslinger picks up a number of dice that they want to fire, and rolls to Hit using the Rule of 4+ at the core of Slayers. Bullets that Hit deal damage, those that miss do none. Sounds simple right?

The tricky thing is that spent bullets are just that, spent. This means the Gunslinger is playing a bit of a resource management game. In theory they could blow all their bullets to really lay down the pain on someone, but then they are out of ammo. The Gunslinger's other unique combat action is reloading, where they put two bullets back into the gun. Combat then revolves around deciding how many bullets to spend on a single attack, and deciding when is a safe opportunity to reload. Playtesters have really enjoyed the tension that is created when you literally pick up and spend those bullets, and I hope you will too!

As a Gunslinger advances in a campaign, they keep their one weapon, unlike the weapon-switching Blade. Instead, Gunslingers craft and customize their gun by carving runes into the individual chambers of the gun. Each chamber can hold one rune, and these runes provide effects and bonuses to the specific bullets fire from them. For example, one chamber may grace bullets with infernal flame, catching fire to anyone Hit by a bullet from that chamber. Over the course of a campaign, no two Gunslingers will look the same, as they will be able to craft their gun to fit their play style.

That's the second class reveal of Slayers, with one more to come! I hope you are starting to see what I mean by asymmetry in how the classes behave in combat. By using the Rule of 4+, all of the classes are looking for the same dice results, but pursuing them in very different ways. I'm excited to share the third class soon. But in the meantime, who are some of your favorite gunslingers?


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