Slayers: Meet the Blade

Time to start showing off the first of three classes for Slayers!

The Blade class is inspired by stylish sword fighters, with my primary touchstone being Dante from Devil May Cry. What does it mean to be stylish with sword fighting? It's all about wracking up big combos of hits, cutting your enemy down before they even realize what's happened to them.

In order to capture that idea, the Blade's unique attack mechanic is exploding dice to create Combos. Every time the Blade attacks, they roll their weapon's die, and when they get a Hit, they roll another die, and another, and another, as long as they keep getting Hits. With the Rule of 4+ at the heart of Slayers, that means a lucky Blade has a decent chance of chaining up a big combo! Once the streak is over and they roll a miss, add up the Hits, and deal damage.

The other unique mechanic of the Blade is their Stance. As an action during combat, a Blade can change their stance, providing them with the right bonus they need for the situation. This can range from flowing across the battlefield, to creating a defensive wall, or even lashing out looking for anyone's blood.

As Blade's advance, they gain abilities that increase the likelihood that they will combo, such as rerolling dice, modifying their rolls, and sometimes expanding their range to Hit beyond the Rule of 4+.

The first version of the game will include a single version of each class, and so what I'm calling the Rapier Blade will be the first to launch. My goal is to create a variant for each class, to add to the replayability and variety of characters at the table. As a preview of the variant to the Blade, I'm tinkering with ideas of daggers, with big dice pools of small dice to Combo off of, with Hits creating ongoing effects such as poisons.

There you go, that's the first class of Slayers! Keep an eye out for the next one soon. In the meantime, let me know what you think of the Blade conceptually, and who your favorite sword fighters are.


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