Slayers: Meet the Arcanist

Desperation meets great power with the third and final class reveal for Slayers: The Arcanist.

If you don't know what I mean by Slayers, go read the primer real quick, then come back:

As the spell casting Slayer, the Arcanist can incredible and terrifying things the others can only dream of.

When you create your Arcanist, you go through the same character creation steps as the Blade and Gunslinger, but you also choose three spells you know at the start. These spells will set the tone for your character early on. Some spells allow you to deal fast and powerful damage, others give you control over the flow of the battle.

All of that comes with a cost. Mechanically, in combat, the Arcanist always rolls 1d6 to cast a spell. With the Rule of 4+ in play, a Hit means the spell's effect takes place, on a miss, nothing happens. Don't like those odds? You can always boost a spell, adding another d6 to the roll and increasing the potency of the spell, at a cost. Each time you cast a spell, you mark a point of corruption; a toll on your mind and body, and that toll is doubled if you boost a spell. If the highest die you roll after casting a spell is greater than the Arcanist's current corruption, they suffer a terrible and chaotic consequence.

Fans of Trophy should be getting a sense of familiarity, as the Arcanist's corruption check is largely inspired by the ruin roll treasure-hunters deal with in Trophy Dark. In a sense, there is a bit of push-your-luck when playing an Arcanist. You know you have a 50% chance of succeeding when you cast a spell on its own, but if boost it you not only increase those odds, but you have a chance at casting a truly powerful spell. Is it worth taking on that extra point of corruption and risking the consequences, to make sure you hit, and hit hard?

Corruption is purged primarily in three ways. First, if you ever suffer a consequence for having too much corruption, you get to reset it after dealing with the fallout. Second, during a fight, as you watch that corruption track get bigger, you might want to some time to center yourself. The Arcanist's other unique mechanic allows them to attempt to purge some corruption mid-fight, buying them more time to continue casting spells. Lastly, at the end of any combat all of your corruption goes away as you relax.

As you play an Arcanist throughout a campaign, you have the opportunity to learn new spells through advancement. In addition, the spells you already know can be advanced, creating more powerful base versions for future use. Similar to the Gunslinger crafting their gun to fit their play style, the Arcanist will choose spells and advances that allow them to best compliment their fellow Slayers, and be a dark reckoning for any monster they are tasked with hunting.

That's the final class reveal for the beta version of Slayers, releasing soon! The next post will be about the setting of Slayers, and the unique hexmap that you will create as your group explores the game's haunted city.


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