Slayers: Districts of The City

The other day I ran a Twitter thread where I would create a short description of a district of The City for Slayers for each like the tweet got. I ended up describing 36 districts for The City! Since the setting of Slayers is nebulous, your group may have all, a few, or none of these locations in your City. And even if you include all of them, how they are oriented at your table will be wildly different than another. That flexibility and malleability of the setting is one of my favorite parts of Slayers.

Without further ado, here are 36 districts you can include in Slayers:

  1. The Barrows. Most think it's a beautiful garden district, lots of lovely flowers and all that. Why do you think the soil is fertile? Best not to look below the surface.

  2. Slayer's Row. One of the few districts with no real government structure, presence of law, or anything of the like. Slayers trade favors and goods here, and there is an unspoken desire to keep their own peace, so they can get some damn sleep.

  3. Wych Wood. Wych is a catchall for arcanists, occultists, psyckers. The Woods are named for the branchlike housing structures. The district is far more vertically oriented than most, which has necessitated some innovative technology for travel.

  4. The Deep. The City doesn't have "borders", but a chasmlike river divides this district. Pull chain ferries move citizens across the abyss. Slayers ask for extra pay whenever they need to work here, and for good reason.

  5. The Cycle. The Church of the Cycle can be found everywhere, but in this district we see churches for all 5 stages: Birth, Growth, Stability, Decay, and Death. Even Rebirth worships openly here. A rarity in The City

  6. The Quill. Hub center of the print factories of the Inkers, the ones who get to write the news. Inky water runs in the gutters, and the thrum of working machines never ends, because the news never ends, because The City never ends...

  7. Opaline. The showbiz district. Where adventurers and bards go to try go make a name for themselves. But I'll let our guest author tell you more once we hit that stretch goal

  8. Outer Gates. These used to actually be a border, a gateway into the world outside of The City. They are ruined now, inhabited by shops and storytellers, peddling wares and tales of the time before The City was cursed. When it had a name.

  9. New Caladan. A tiny district that has tried to become an autonomous entity. Those that live inside have essentially made themselves entirely self-sustaining. Two interesting thoughts. Why aren't there monsters here? And what happened to Old Caladan?

  10. The Spoke. The Wanderers run transportation of every variety in The City. Visitors to The Spoke will see vehicles unlike any they would normally see in their own district. Each district requires its own unique transportation system, and those are made in The Spoke.

  11. The Harbor. There isn't an ocean or sea that borders The City. But there is a vast network of natural waterways. The Harbor is an attempt at coordinating water travel. Since The City creates and changes rivers overnight, The Harbor has a lot of work on its hands.

  12. Camp Town. Forgoing houses and apartments commonly seen in other districts, the district of Camp Town has attempted to recreate the fabled "woodlands" found outside The City. They even hired arcanists to recreate a starry sky for them to enjoy each evening.

  13. The Grace. A place for those pining for "sophistication". Host of the Eternal Ball, a series of parties that move from one location to the next. It's basically a pub crawl for fancy folks.

  14. The Rot. Primary marketplace for the Corpsers, an organization that ensures that monster corpses are used to their fullest capacity. Slayers can make a lot of coin with the right corpse at the right time. They can also find goods that will give them an edge on their next hunt.

  15. Lake Shroud. A large lake dominates this district. The morning mist coming off the water is never ending. Those who enter the Shroud tend to find themselves in a different part of The City when they emerge.

  16. The Hole. What was likely a sinkhole has turned into an opportunity. The Hole is filled with jail cells for those who The City deems dangerous. The cells aren't locked, because nobody would be fool enough to try to climb out.

  17. Winding Wall. This district is a maze, literally. Just as The City always changes, the walls that form this district shift. The locals don't seem to mind, and seem confused when any visitors complain about losing their way.

  18. Glowstone. Magitech engineers have managed to capture light inside of rock. These glowstones light the district. It was nice at first, but the stones don't turn off. Now people shutter themselves away inside, trying to find some shade and peace.

  19. Emberton. Effigies burn at all hours, nonstop, in Emberton. When the next burn is announced, locals craft masks to reflect and honor the subject. Those masks act as the kindling when the effigy is lit.

  20. Hill. Simply named, because of the dominating feature of the district. The moment you cross into it, you feel the incline at your feet. The district climbs and climbs, up a hill that seems to have no end in sight.

  21. Hidden Keep. You cannot voluntarily enter this district. It is the training grounds of the Eternal Guard, a mercenary outfit in The City. Wanderers know how to get there, and might be willing to smuggle a Slayer in if the price is right...

  22. Nest. The sound of flapping wings is constant, as birds of all variety soar above the busy streets. Most of these birds serve a very specific purpose, and the locals all know it. There are rumors of a Court of ne'er do wells who run this district.

  23. The "Zoo". Called so by people outside the district, this neighborhood has embraced the monsters that plague The City. No efforts to hunt them are made, and you better believe Slayers are not welcome on these streets.

  24. The Fold. Master papercrafters have created a district entirely of paper. The Fold has a close working relationship with The Quill, providing the Inkers with the paper needed to print the news.

  25. The Surge. Epicenter of magitech research. While many hold onto the arcane traditions of old, increases in The City's understanding of "science" have created a new branch of research. A modern marvel of a district, though many think it more dangerous than wondrous.

  26. Scholar's Seat. Six competing academies and colleges sit at the six points of a massive intersection. Each school has its own specialty. Most don't realize all the schools are run by the same group, who are playing at a dangerous game.

  27. Dust. Supposedly where most Gunslingers get their unique weapon. Even if you find the place, most people there will look at you with a confused look if you mention a "revolver." Whether they don't know, or fear the Gunslinger's retribution is unclear.

  28. Solstice. A district divided into four quarters, each associated with a season of the year. The current season is elevated above the others, and gigantic mechanisms shift the district around as the seasons change. (Fun fact, I'm making a separate game in this setting)

  29. Corpse Cove. An inky dark bay washes up along a beach made from the bones of every creature to ever walk/crawl The City. Corpsers send Slayers here to harvest materials. Bone Singers come here to proselytize and worship.

  30. Old Caladan. Remember New Caladan? Apparently this district predates it. Apparently this district is where all this City business began. Old Caladan sits beneath another district in The City. Humming a song that some can hear, a song of the infinite.

  31. The Farm. Considering the fact that The City is an urban sprawl, there isn't a lot of farmable land to grow food. The Farm manifested during a particularly bad food shortage. The robed farmers brought a wealth of food, and they take nothing in return.

  32. The Count. It's really hard have a unified currency in a City that expands on infinitely. Most districts either have their own currency, or just deal in trade. The Count acts as a place to "convert" your goods into others, as well as a massive vault for those who can pay

  33. The Door. Not so much a district, but there is a local legend of a Door, that appears in your time of need. Going through it guarantees you'll find what you need on the other side. They don't mention the toll the Door takes as you cross the threshold.

  34. Joy. An eccentric and wealthy individual bought out this entire district, and transformed it into their playground. Houses and buildings were gutted, and filled with obstacle courses, rides, and a variety of games. It's a shame all that joy is being siphoned.

  35. Scry Street. A small strip of a district, but packed full of character. Divination is the primary good for trade, and everyone claims they know the real future. You can even find a more flexible Inquisitor here, taking the lesser of two evils to solve a case.

  36. The Merge. Everything in this district works under the theme of "fusion". Metals are alloys, food is a melting pot (literally most of the time), and the citizens tend to graft the body parts of monsters to their bodies. Some use magitech to upgrade themselves as well. set here

There you go, 36 districts to hunt and slay monsters in. Save this for later, when you get your hands on the game!

Which is your favorite? What would you want to see in The City?


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