Slayers: An Introduction

Slayers started as an idea I had almost a year ago to the day. I had two goals with the game:

  1. Create a game that leaned into asymmetry for the classes, specifically with combat

  2. Set it in a world that would expand on a regular basis, through a regular drip of hexes to throw on a map

I've mentioned this before, the inspiration behind this was actually the board game Root. The players in a game of Root all want the same thing, Victory Points, but how they earn them is very different. One player is essentially playing a Euro-style board game, while another is doing a raccoon version of a solo dungeon crawl. The idea fascinated me, and I wanted to capture that in an RPG.

Slayers came in pieces, one mechanic at a time. They were all different, but it was obviously difficult to figure out how these classes would play together in order to make the RPG work at all. I settled on the idea that, like Root, everyone would want the same thing. In this case, that thing is Hits.

A Hit in Slayers just means any dice you roll that come up as a 4+. It doesn't matter what size the die is, or what it's being used for, or how you're rolling it, if it's a 4+, it's a Hit. Now, regardless if we're talking combat, non-combat, different mechanics, all the players want the same thing. Problem solved? Maybe!

This Hit system is actually the latest iteration on the design. Before that, it was much more complicated. Which was difficult for me to design because I'm not that into crunchy combat, I wanted it to flow more. Let's just say my earlier system of ever-changing ACs and shifting initiative was interesting, and maybe fun, but not the kind of game I wanted to play, so I definitely didn't want to design it.

Over the next couple days, in anticipation of releasing Slayers in its beta form to the world, I want to tell you about the game, and how it got to be where it is today. Roughly, I plan to cover these topics:

  1. The Hit system: how I got there, why it works, the goal of it

  2. Introduce the three starting classes, the first three Slayers in the game

  3. Overview my idea of a regularly updated hex-map: an ever-changing city that will be different for every table.

If that sounds cool to you, keep an eye on this blog! I'll also be tweeting about it over the week @gilarpgs and the beta version of Slayers will be launched on

- Spencer

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