Slayers Almanac: Call For Pitches!

Updated: Aug 23

Hey Slayers,

A while ago I had this idea of making a big collection of districts for The City, the setting of the Slayers RPG. It would be filled with factions, NPCs, rumors, and maybe even some maps. The core rulebook of Slayers brought some of that to life with the districts I and other folks wrote, and then my talented friend Mike Rieman took it a step further when he made a map for Dust.

And with that, the Slayers Almanac (name pending?) was born! The Almanac is a collaborative project, in which I want to invite others to create and write districts for the Slayers setting. One of my favorite parts about Slayers is the setting being this infinitely expanding city, where you never know what you'll find in the next neighborhood you walk to. If I'm making an infinite city, it makes sense to have others bring their voices to it, right?

The Slayers Almanac is going to be a book. Inside it, I want to have at least 10 new districts for The City, written by you. Each district is going to be about 4 pages in the book, with general descriptions, cultural touchstones, social norms and customs, NPCs, factions, and rumors. Basically everything a GM or table would need to feel like they've just stepped into this neighborhood of your creation. On top of that, Mike Rieman is going to make a layout and hexmap that fits your district!

This Almanac is going to be funded on Kickstarter. If it's funded, all of the selected authors are going to get a flat rate pay, plus bonuses if we go over funding goal. I want to share the success of the campaign with those that made it, so we're spreading the wealth.

If that all sounds cool to you, and you're interested in being an author for this project, I've put together a pitch form you can fill out using the link below. The pitch form has some of the preliminary details about the project, including how much writing is involved, and what you would be responsible for. Keep in mind, this is just a brief pitch form, and I'll be collecting pitches for a while before I finalize the authors list.

I can't wait to see what happens to The City when I put it in other people's hands. Have fun with it, make it your own, and the let's build something really cool together!

To submit your pitch, fill out this form.

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