Slayers 1.5 Patch Notes

Alright Slayers, the Slayers 1.5 update is rapidly approaching, and now it's time to give a brief breakdown of some of the changes to expect. If you're unfamiliar with the Slayers 1.5 update, you can read more about it here.

Without further ado, here are the changes and updates:


Slayers now has been edited by a real professional. Will Jobst, who I have been lucky enough to work with in the past has edited the Slayers core rules. Now they will read much more clearly than they did before. Go Will!

New Art & Layout

With the update, Mike Rieman, of Dust and Slayers Almanac fame, will be giving Slayers a whole new style. Expect updated layout and art throughout, bringing the world of Slayers to life. Here is a teaser, with his new cover image, an homage to the original.

Those are big, and very necessary changes. Now let's get into some of the specific rule changes and updates you can expect to find in 1.5:

  • General Combat Changes

  • Every class now has a "Ready Action" that they do when combat is started. The Tactician already had this, and the Gunslinger to an extent with loading up their bullets. Now each class has a clear action they do to get themselves ready to fight a monster.

  • Move no longer counts as one of your two actions in combat. Every Slayer can make a free Move, at any point in their turn. This will encourage Slayers to move around a bit more, and feel free to use Skill & Quick actions instead of just Moving and Attacking.

  • It's a lot harder to die now! I've never been a fan of character death. Now Slayers are downed if they reach 0, and can be healed to get back in the fight. A Slayer only dies if they are already brought to 0 HP, and then are hit again.

  • Blade Changes

  • New Ready Action where the Blade gets to start a fight in a stance.

  • Gunslinger Changes

  • Ready Action is now explicitly loading the gun

  • Increase Harm per hit to 2 instead of 1. Allows the Gunslinger to keep up with the Blade in lethality without nerfing the Blade.

  • Trigger Limit is gone! It wasn't fun, so now it's not a thing anymore! The advances related to Trigger Limit have been replaced.

  • Runes that used to deal no Harm now deal 1 Harm in addition to their effect.

  • Arcanist Changes

  • Increase Speed die to d6

  • Increase starting known spells to 4, giving them some more variety

  • New Ready Action is choosing a favored spell for the fight. You don't mark corruption when using the base version of the spell, only when you boost it

  • Monster Changes

  • General tweaking of wording and numbers of monsters to make their effects clearer.

  • Formatting of monster statblocks has been improved for usability for the GM, including a reference that all monsters get a free Move action.

  • Monsters now have three clearly distinct effects: Passive, Actions, Reactions.

  • Passives used to be called Ongoing.

  • Note on monsters using skill die of d6 in the very rare situations where you might have them roll a skill.

  • More advice on making monsters.

  • District Changes

  • Wording for NPCs, factions, and rumors has been clarified.

  • More interesting or enticing rumors have been set up, creating a more unified feel for all of the elements of the district.

  • General Overall Changes

  • Clearer examples provided in text.

  • Cleaned up presentation of the ideas in the GM section.

  • Reference Page updated to reflect changes in document.

  • Character sheets updated to reflect changes.

That is a basic rundown of the big changes to expect with 1.5! As you can see, this isn't a shift to the "2nd Edition" of Slayers, but instead a refining of the core game. I'm incredibly happy with the changes, and thankful to Will and Mike for making this possible.

Revisions are being finalized, and then will be sent to Mike for the layout work. For everyone who owns Slayers, you'll see your file updated on when the update is complete! That's all for now, let me know your thoughts on the patch notes on Twitter or Discord!

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