Shine Bright Later, It's Time to Make War.

This is a Kickstarter update before the Kickstarter has even launched.

I've been planning out the timeline for the LIGHT//FRAME and there is a lot that goes into trying to make two games. Not just in the writing, but editing, coordinating with artists, getting the layout done, printing both of them, and then don't even get me started on shipping two zines that finish at two different times.

Not only that, but life in the ol' Campbell house is busy. Like, really busy.

So I made a decision for the Kickstarter yesterday, and slept on it to make sure it was the right thing to do:

I'm removing LIGHT from the campaign.

"WHAT?? It's not LIGHT//FRAME??"

That's correct, it's just FRAME now! The Kickstarter is still absolutely happening. It's still launching on March 13th, still has the same amazing team on it, it's just focused on the one game instead of two at the same time.

I'm really excited about this decision for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, it just puts less pressure on me and the whole team to focus on the one thing. Second, I'm really freaking excited about FRAME, and want to put all of my time and focus into making it the badass game it deserves to be.

So that's the pre-launch announcement. LIGHT//FRAME has been turned into FRAME. I think it's the right call, and hope that folks aren't too disappointed!

I wrote up some reasons on why I wanted to remove LIGHT from the campaign, and have included them below, for anyone who is curious about the thought process. I appreciate my discord's support when I was figuring this all out, they really helped a ton!

Why I am removing LIGHT from the campaign.

  1. LIGHT already exists. It was released in November of last year, which was not that long ago. It feels too close to the release of the game in both digital and print formats to be Kickstarting it.

  2. LIGHT is still being actively developed and supported. Folks are still buying LIGHT every day, and Spark, the first season of content, is still going on! In fact, Spark would still be being developed during and after the campaign ends. So I would be simultaneously developing, supporting, and benefiting from two lines of LIGHT customers, and that felt bad.

  3. The funding goal for LIGHT//FRAME assumes that I get X dollars, which is essentially evenly split to cover the costs of both games. But from what I'm seeing, more people are interested in FRAME than LIGHT right now, and that means FRAME funds need to get shifted over to support a thing folks aren't as excited about right now.

  4. Shipping and production of two zines is a nightmare! Jam, the incredibly talented layout graphic designer on both games, can only work on one at a time. Which means that one game finishes and gets printed, and then work on the other begins. That means figuring out doing some sort of staggered shipping release, waiting until EVERYTHING is ready, or some other solution I didn't think of. Either way, logistics get tricky.

  5. I want to focus my efforts on new stuff right now, rather than rehashing something that I released 4 months ago.

  6. LIGHT will get that updated super nice version released! It will just be closer to the end of the year. That way, it can be a LIGHT: Year 1 sort of thing, rather than LIGHT: 4 Months Later.

I appreciate everyone's understanding and support on this decision. It was not one that I made easily, or eagerly, but I know it is the right thing to do for the campaign.

I am still so so SO excited to get FRAME into your hands. And that's going to happen in like 11 days when we launch the FRAME KS on March 13th!

The link to support the campaign is unfortunately still the same haha, but the title has changed at least haha. Thanks again everyone. Let's go make some war.


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