Dust: The Deadeye


Today I want to talk a little bit about the Deadeye, one of the new classes that will be in the upcoming Dust sourcebook for Slayers. Because Dust takes place in the district where the legendary six-shooter revolver of the Gunslingers was created, I wanted to introduce another class that uses a firearm, but does so differently than the resource management mechanic of the Slinger.

NOTE: The rules and ideas below are initial drafts of the Deadeye class, so it might be different by the time Dust gets published!

The Deadeye has the new weapon forged by the gun-nut occultists of the Forge. This rifle can snap off one deadly shot after another, unlike the limited flintlock rifles that you might find elsewhere in The City. That rifle, and what it can do is half of what the Deadeye class is all about.

The Deadeye has a Bullet die, that starts off at d8. Every time they take a shot at someone, they roll that die, with the usual Rule of 4 determining if there is a Hit or not. Hits deal damage, with more damage being dealt for bigger Bullets. However, there are two special outcomes that are possible with the rifle.

First, the Deadeye gets a Crit when they roll the maximum value of their Bullet die, which adds a ton of damage to the shot. That means when they are first firing in a fight, 10% of the time they are making big hits. It becomes really important for Deadeyes to line up opportunities that will get them Advantage, or bonuses to their rolls, to increase the chances they get that Crit.

However, if the Deadeye rolls a natural 1 with their Bullet, not only do they miss, but they start running out of ammo. Their Bullet die drops in size once (e.g. d8 to d6) whenever this happens. This decreases the amount of damage they deal when they Hit. What also happens though, is that the odds of getting a Crit increase, as do the odds that they roll a natural 1.

So as the Deadeye begins to run out of ammo, they are more likely to Crit, but deal less damage overall. Eventually, once they roll a natural 1 with a d4 Bullet, they must spend their entire next turn reloading their rifle, and can't take any actions. So it's really important they don't run out of ammo when they are right next to a powerful monster!

That's the attack action of the Deadeye, but what is their quick action? Did you notice their red eye in the art above. Deadeyes have had one of their eyes removed, and replaced with something that allows them to analyze their targets. As a quick action, a Deadeye can read an opponent. When they do so, they can learn mechanical information about the monster (such as HP, or one of its actions), give Advantage to the next Slayer that attacks the monster, or even change places in the turn order based on understanding how the monster moves.

Deadeye advances are all about trying to ensure that they can get Advantage, and making those Crits absolutely devastating.

And that's the Deadeye! They attack from afar, analyzing their targets and unleashing devastating shots that can drop the deadliest foes. Let me know what you think, and I can't wait to show you more of Dust!


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