Dust: A Slayers Sourcebook

Dust. A dry wasteland with a relentless sun hanging high in a cloudless sky. Craggy cliffs break through the skin of the ground, like brittle and broken bones. A Slayer who finds themselves in the Dust needs to keep their wits about them. This is the home of the revolver, the legendary weapon used exclusively by the Gunslingers. And that weapon was made here for a reason...a monstrous reason.

What is Dust?

Dust is a district of The City, the infinitely expanding setting of Slayers. It was first alluded to in the Gunslinger "lore" in the play testing material, where I mentioned that only Gunslingers have revolvers, the best thing anyone else in The City can get their hands on is a flintlock pistol or rifle. And Gunslingers sure as shit aren't going to tell you where they got it. Then, when I came up with 30+ districts as part of a twitter thread, which you can find the writeup for here on my blog, I gave the origin district of the Gunslingers a name: Dust.

But Really, What is Dust?

Dust is going to be the first sourcebook released for Slayers. It is going to be a zine, filled with locations, factions, NPCs, tables, plot hooks, monsters, and even a new class, all taking place in Dust. The district is obviously based on the wild west, but there are elements of it that are arcane, occult, and urban. I won't spoil too many surprises for you just yet, but just know that Dust isn't going to just be a frontier town where Slayers are getting into duels.

A New Class

A good sourcebook has all kinds of material to get you playing in a new environment, and one thing that really brings you into the setting is a class or character option unique to that setting. So I'm introducing a new class to Slayers, tentatively named Deadeye. And this seems like the perfect time to show off a piece of art, drawn my incredibly talented friend Mike Rieman:

The Deadeye class is another firearm wielding Slayer, but they function very differently than the Gunslinger! Deadeyes are all about lining up the deadliest shot, taking out foes from a distance. You'll learn more about the Deadeye in the coming weeks!

Going Forward

I'm working on Dust as not only a sourcebook I want to write, but hopefully as an entry into the Slayers Jam that is going on on itch.io. You can join the jam if you want to make Slayers stuff, so please join the Hunt.

I'll be posting updates on Dust here, and more regularly on my Twitter. I'm looking forward to showing off what you will find in the zine, so keep an eye out!


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