The world has shattered, leaving settlements left scattered across a blasted frontier. When things seem their darkest, the Slingers drift into town and lay out justice. Granted immortality through their Guns, arcane weapons of destruction that take more than they give. In Slingers, you will explore a cursed world, attempting to shine some light on it before you are consumed by darkness.

Slingers as an RPG is focused on a resource management combat system where players craft their own unique weapon that will be their tool of justice. Using the Drifter System, a new system for creating settlements and story lines for players, players will do what they can to help the towns they visit, hopefully leaving them a little better before they wander back into the wastes.


Slingers is currently in open play testing. You can find the latest version of the playtest packet here.

Inspirations: Dead Lands, Blades in the Dark, Dogs in the Vineyard, Destiny


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