Shine Bright

You are a Beacon, an immortal guardian of the last city on Earth. Human civilization crumbles across the system, but you and your kind are a ray of hope in a dark time. 

LIGHT is a rule-lite sci-fi RPG. In it, you play as the immortal Beacons, wielders of weapons and the elements themselves. As a squad, you will go on tactical Strikes, pushing back against the Dark that has begun its slow march across the system. Explore ancient ruins for help and resources, fight back against alien forces looking to destroy a weakened Earth, and unravel the mysteries that bind together Light and Dark.

LIGHT is a modular RPG. All you need to play are the core rules and some d6. However, there will be a number of modules released for LIGHT that provide additional rules, gameplay elements, and more that you can choose to plug into your game. Customize your experience with Light and use any combination of the modules that you'd like, the game is yours to explore.


So far, the released modules are:

  • Lig​hthouse: The last city on Earth. Rules on running the factions, completing bounties for them, and receiving boons for your hard work.

  • Vulcan: The weapon catalog! Rules on getting and creating loot, lots of weapons and tags, and some examples of legendary weapons the Beacons will seek.

  • Nemesis: Discover some of the alien factions the Beacons must fight across the system. Rules for enemies during fights, and examples of units from the first four enemy factions of LIGHT.


Some of the upcoming modules include:

  • Expanded rules

  • Custom classes, including new powers for the Beacons

  • Strike modules, with enemies to destroy

  • The Darkness class...

Spencer describes his process for designing LIGHT. Learn how he condensed Destiny to a single page, and where he wants to take LIGHT in the future!