Welcome to Dust

Dust is the first official supplement for Slayers. It is a 40 page, full-color zine full of information and resources for running sessions in the legendary district of the Gunslingers. Inside the zine you'll find:

  • Locations, NPCs, factions, and tables to bring Dust to life

  • Hexmap and new travel rules

  • More monsters, cursed to wander the harsh wastes

  • Four adventures, based on classic wild west story tropes (including a train robbery!)

  • Brand new class: The Deadeye

The Deadeye

Deadeyes wield dangerous high-powered rifles, and have had one of their eyes replaced with an arcane instrument that allows them to analyze and kill their foes with efficiency. You can read all about the Deadeye class in this blog post.

The Kickstarter launches October 27th! Follow it today!